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  • Herzog Shut-off Nozzels
  • RB-17 & RB-25
  • Saftec Specialty Additives
To improve production costs, efficiency and the environmental impact of our clients by being a leader in the development and application of chemical foam and specialty additives for thermoplastics worldwide.
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Distributed Products
Delta Tècnic is specialized in the production of Deltacolor Masterbatch to paint PVC in all its applications and all kinds of polymers for the cable industry.
Shut-off Nozzels

Reedy is an authorized agent for Herzog's complete line of shut off nozzles.

  • Packaging Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Sports Equipment, Outdoor
Past and Future Conferences

2016 Conferences

AMI Polymer Foams 2016
Newark, NJ - April 4th - 6th
Chinaplas 2016
Shanghai, China - April 25th - 28th
SPE Foams 2016
Seattle, WA - September 14th - 15th
SPE Auto TPO 2016
Troy, MI - October 2nd - 5th
K-Fair 2016 (Agripak Booth)
Düsseldorf, Germany - October 19th - 26th
Extrusion 2016
Charlotte, NC - December 6th - 8th

2017 Conferences

SPE International Polyolefins Conference 2017
Houston, TX - February 26th - March 1st
Foam-Expo 2017
Novi, MI - Febuary 28th - March 2nd
Poly-Foam Conference 2017
Mainz-Frankfurt, Germany - April 12th - 13th
AMI’s Polymer Foam 2017
Pittsburgh, PA - May 2nd - 3rd
Chinaplas 2017
China Import & Export Fair Complex,
Pazhou, Guangzhou - May 16th - 19th
AMI Polymer Foam Conference 2017
Cologne, Germany - November 28th - 29th